The awards, which are accompanied by a $5,000 bursary, are given annually to individuals who have shown remarkable determination towards pursuing their rehabilitation goals at G.F. Strong Centre and have, in turn, regained their personal independence. BC Rehab hosts the event in the GF Strong gymnasium and presented up to eight awards to recipients from across British Columbia.

The award program is designed to recognize individuals who have been faced with life-changing injuries and have demonstrated courage and perseverance in regaining their personal independence. Gert Vorsteher lived in Kamloops, BC, where he worked as a carpenter. A 1962 workplace accident left Mr. Vorsteher a paraplegic and he was sent to GF Strong for rehabilitation. Upon his death, Mr. Vorsteher left a financial gift to BC Rehab and requested that the donation be used to fund an annual awards program. To date, $500,000 has been awarded to 100 individuals with disabilities who have demonstrated incredible perseverance and determination in their journey to personal independence. Please contact the BC Rehab office for more information at

2009 – 2022 GVA Winners

Christina Blaine, Maple Ridge

Chantelle Grafton, Prince George

Ryan Hietanen, Vancouver

Ainsley Wood, Kelowna

Brooke Erickson, Vancouver

Steve Graffi, Delta

Doug Henderson, Chilliwack

Gloria Letona, Burnaby

Diana Mohammad Munir, Burnaby

Sean Tamaki, Burnaby

Allan Wilson, Parksville

Stephen “John” Willis, Hagensborg

Dylan Cross, Sechelt

Carl Fogale, Delta

Jonalen Gamis, Richmond

Tiana Hesmert, Richmond

Leo Sammarelli, Vancouver

Kirsten Sharp, Vancouver

Brad Skeats, Vancouver

Chern Siong Lau, Vancouver

2020 Gert Vorsteher Award ceremony

George Astrakianakis, Vancouver

Daniel Du­ffy , Vancouver

Walid Huseini, Vancouver

Danielle Linfoot, Pitt Meadows

Kathryn Simpson, Richmond

Louisa Brideman , North Vancouver
Kelly Brooks, Cranbrook
Aaron Goodis, Vancouver
Mezene Kebede , Vancouver
Richard Peter, Vancouver
Kristen Ursel, Victoria
Thomas Venos, Anmore
Hunki (Peter) Yeo, Victoria
Walt Lawrence, Delta

Bonnie Zhu, Richmond , Richmond
James Mcleod , Cherryville
James Ryan , Chilliwack
Kris Harrison , Vancouver
Lindsay O’Connell, Deroche
Shannon Elmer, Vancouver
William Mc Creight, Kamloops

Omar Al- Azawi , Vancouver
Peggy Assinck , Vancouver
Wanda Huynh , Vancouver
Christine Jorgensen , Vancouver
Pierce Paxton Pineau , Abbotsford
Cole Rutter , Maple Ridge
Patricia Peters , D’arcy
Alanna Jones , Surrey
Aleksa Cakalj , North Vancouver
Daniel Hunt, Vancouver
Riley Inge , Vancouver
Kulwinder Jagpal , Surrey
Mike Shaw , Coldstream
Heman Ly , Vancouver
Trent Seymour, Prince George
Josh Darmawan, Surrey
Michele Grant, Whitehorse
Amit Sharma, Surrey
Kyle Jacques, Vancouver
Thomas Martin, Penticton
Lisa Chan, Vancouver
Norine Chubb, Vancouver
Adel Othman, Vancouver

Moses Chan, Vancouver
Angela Choi, Vancouver
Sandrine Ekoko, Vancouver
San Hau, Vancouver
Mustafa Hasan, Burnaby
Sean Lynn, Vancouver
Richard Morrison, Surrey
Mujtaba Saloojee, Gibsons

Greg Erickson, Surrey
Janie Rae Gaudet, Aldergrove
Kyle Andrew Gieni, Vancouver
Byron Green, Vancouver
Joel Libin, Vancouver
Matthew Loring, Salmon Arm
Chelsea Stamp-Vincent, New Westminster
Norma Vincent, Abbotsford
Neil Broderick, Cawston
John Daziel, Powell River
Dee Fisher, Vancouver
Daniel LeBlanc (posthumous acknowledgment), Vancouver
David Parke, North Vancouver
Tessa Schmidt, Vancouver
Jeff Scott, Whistler
Amanda Yan, Burnaby
Greg Cahoon, Aldergrove
Peter Chisholm, North Vancouver
Kent Goulet, Vancouver
Brian Hickey, North Vancouver
Olga Kalamkarova, Vancouver
John Kamp, Port Moody
Klaus Nielsen, Burnaby
Alvin Schulz, Port Alberni
Ryan Schweizer, Vancouver
Kaspar Shouldice, Victoria
D.J. Lam, Vancouver
Dustin Paul, Vancouver
Jason Costa, Vancouver
Simon Paradis, Halfmoon Bay
Jennifer Watterston, Errington
Carla Boyarchuk, Kelowna, Vancouver